Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Should Have Left Your Ass A Thousand Times

Dear Gamo,

 I knew i should have left you ten years ago, but i stayed like a fool. you feel as though I need you, The sex ain't shit and all you do is sit on your ass and eat and complain. yeah I'm talking about you. Well today I have had enough your in-laws is coming in and you want me to do all the cleaning and all the preparation while you chill, when I mention it you get mad as hell. I don't even receive a thank you, ten years of my life gone and all i have to show for it is some children and a broken home. you always love me when you want some sex on the contrary you are the nicest man in the world, but after the one two cum shot there goes your real colors. when I met you I should have ran the other way you were tall and ugly I don't care what anyone else says about beauty is in the eye of the beholder that's all bullshit. When a person is ugly they are just plain ugly and there is no changing that. You are mean as hell and try to pretend that you are not. Well let me tell you a secret come close now as I do not want you to miss one little part while you have been gone I have been giving the "gina" a party, and i love it, but here is the topping on the cake you have never been the only one either so while you was playing i was skating!

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